DNA and Polymer Nanotechnology

DNA nanotechnology is occasionally split into two overlapping subfields they are structural DNA nanotechnology and dynamic DNA nanotechnology. Some tissues, such as nucleic acid Nano mechanical devices, combine features of both the structural and dynamic subfields. One of the easy branched constructions is a four-arm junction that consists of four individual DNA strands, portions of which are complementary in a particular sample. DNA nanotechnology provides one of the few ways to form a sketch complex formation with precise control over Nano scale characteristics. Polymer Nano composites (PNC) be made up of a polymer or copolymer having nanoparticles or Nano fillers distribute in the polymer matrix. These may be of non-identical shape, but at least one measurement must be in the range of 1–50 nm. These PNC's belong to the classification of multi-phase systems that consume nearly 95% of plastics production. Polymer Nano science is the research and implementation of Nano science to polymer-nanoparticle matrices, where nanoparticles are those with at least one measurement is of less than 100 nm. Carbon nanotubes, gold particles and synthetic polymers are utilized for this determination.


  • DNA computation
  • Structural DNA nanotechnology
  • Dynamic DNA nanotechnology

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