Nano Composites

Nanocomposite could be a point in time solid material wherever one in every of the phases has one, 2 or 3 dimensions of but a hundred nanometers or structures having nano-scale repeat distances between the various phases that structure the fabric. the concept behind Nanocomposite is to use building blocks with dimensions in nanometer vary to style and make new materials with unprecedented flexibility and improvement in their physical properties In the broadest sense this definition will embrace porous media, colloids, gels, and copolymers, however, is additional typically taken to mean the solid combination of a bulk matrix and nano-dimensional part differing in properties because of dissimilarities in structure and chemistry. Themechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, chemical science, chemical action properties of the nanocomposite can dissent markedly from that of the part materials.
So, there are many types of composites they are:

  • Ceramics-Matrix Nano Composites
  • Metal-Matrix Nano Composites
  • Polymer- matrix Nano Composites
  • Magnetic-Matrix Nano Composites
  • Heat Resistant Nano Composites


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