Nanotechnology in Water Treatment

Nanotechnology alludes to an expansive scope of devices, ways and applications that essentially embrace particles on the inexact size of one or two to many nanometers wide. Particles of this size have some attention-grabbing chemical science and surface properties that loan themselves to novel employments. while not a doubt, promoters of engineering science propose that this region of exploration may raise answers for some of the intense problems we tend to face on the worldwide scale, as an example, guaranteeing a flexibly of safe drink for a developing people, even as tending to problems in medication, vitality, and commercial enterprise.

  • Nanomaterials and water filtration
  • Bioactive nanoparticles for water disinfections
  • Self-assembled monolayer on mesoporous supports (SAMMS)
  • Bimetallic iron nanoparticles
  • Nanoscale semiconductor photocatalysts
  • Nano biotechnology: From vegetative cell, Tissue Engineering to Cancer analysis

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